Clan Ewing: Testament of James Ewing maltman in Campbelltoun, 1686

Argyll Commissary Court – CC2/3/2

James Ewing

The testament dative and Inventar of the goods and geir pertaining to the deceist James
Ewing maltman in Campbellt(oun?) within the parochen of Kilkerran & diocy of Argyll
the tyme of his deceise who deceist in the moneth of Nov[embe]r 1685 faithfully made &
given up be Marion Boyd his relict spous in name of Isobel & Marion Ewings th[e]r children
exe[cuto]ras dative decernit to him as ane act made th[e]ranent of the dait the thir p[rese]nt at
more length beirs


Imprimis the said defunct had pertaining to him and his said spous the tyme fors[ai]d of his
deceise etc ane cow pryce xiij lib vjsh viijd Item tuo kists and ane cupboard pryce of all x lib
xiijsh iiijd Item four peuter plates tuo candlesticks and ane ketle pryce v lib vjsh viijd Item
eight old secks pryce iiij lib Item Lintseed worth iiij lib Item the utencills & domicills of the
house estimat to x lib

Suma Inventarij – xlvij – vj – viij

Debts owing to the defunct

Item th[e]r was resting to him and his s[ai]d spous the tyme fors[ai]d be William
Edmonstoune for eleven pecks barley at eight emrks per boll with xxvij sh more inde v
lib iiijd Item Moir McViccar for ane boll malt vj lib xiijsh iiijd Item be Neill McNeill in
Campbelltoune for half ane boll malt iij lib vjsh viijd Item be Alexr McDougal th[e]r for the
remainent of aner decreit and for malt ix lib viijsh viijd Item be Mathew Gibsoune th[e]r be
decreit xiij lib vsh Item be Neill Mcilchonle? iiij lib viijd

Suma debts to (incomplete)
Suma Inventar & debts to (incomplete)

Debts (owing) be (the defunct)

Imprimis ther was resting be them the tyme fors[ai]d to ther m[aste]r of rent xxvj lib xiijsh
iiijd Item of servants fies x lib Item awand of funeralls vj lib xiijsh iiijd

Suma debts be – xliiij – iiij – viij
Remianes – xvlviij – iiij – viij
Deads p[air]tis – xxiiij – ij – iiij


I Master Alexr McLeanb of Otter Comissar of Argyll doe Ratoifie approve & confirme
the Testa[men]t dative and Inventar abovewr[itt]in & decerne confirme the s[ai]d Isobel
& Marion Ewings exe[cuto]rs dative to the deceist James Ewing th[e]r fath[e]r and give &
committ to the said Marion Boyd th[e]r mother for them in th[e]r name & behalf & uth[e]
r use & behove full power to intromet etc And is need bees to call etc in (word unreadable)
Because the said Marion hes made faith & found John Douglas in Campbelltoun cau[tione]r

for her that the goods & geir & debts abovewr[itt]in shall be made ferth comeing to all parties
haveand interest as accords In witnes q[uhe]rof] thir p[rese]nts sub[scrivi]t by me and the
Clerk of Court at Campbelltoun the nynth day of June 1686 yeirs