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A clan is a Scottish Highland kinship group, or family

If you’re a Ewing yourself, or if you feel kinship with Ewings, welcome to your clan website.

Clan Ewing was traditionally based both in Dumbartonshire & Stirlingshire in the Lennox, and also in Cowal in Argyll. The Gaelic word clann means ‘children,’ and clanship is about family first and foremost. Our clan takes its name from its founder Ewen of Otter, who may have lived at Cnoc Mhic Eoghainn (now Balimore, Argyll) near Otter Ferry in the late 1200s. As his clan, we are all in a sense his children.

Strathleven House


Clan Ewing is a Highland clan with a long history. Our genealogy recorded in medieval manuscripts stretches back into the realms of prehistory and legend, while our historical ancestors forged a close alliance with Clan Campbell over several generations.

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Ewing Heraldry


Clan Ewing’s unique heraldic tradition distinguishes it from other clans. It is thought that the Ewings were appointed by Mary Queen of Scots as Bearers of the Ensign of Scotland, an achievement recorded on the Ewing coat of arms.

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Clan Ewing Tartan


One of the few early references to tartan is in a Ewing testament of 1609. Among the possessions listed in this testament was a plaid of ‘red and black coloured cloth.’ This precious reference to an early Ewing tartan forms the basis for our new Ewing Tartan.

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Clan Ewing at the Cowal Highland Gathering 2019


Details of recent and upcoming Clan Ewing events in the UK.

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Testament of Finlay Ewing in Ladytoun, 1589


Information, books and links for Ewing history.

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Clan Ewing on Facebook


Love it or hate it, the world is on Facebook these days, and there’s a thriving Clan Ewing group there too.

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Clan Ewing in the Great Hall of Edinburgh Castle, 2017
Clan Ewing in the Great Hall of Edinburgh Castle, 2017