Clan Ewing: Testament of Patrick Ewing (Eik), 1667

Glasgow Commissary Court Register of Testaments – CC9/7/36 – Patrick Ewing 1667

(in margin – Eik Ewing Suo conforme to tua fale divisioun)

I Mr W[illia]m Flyming of Ferme Co[m]missar of Glesgow Be the tennor heirof of new
againe Ratifie approve & conferme Alexr Ewing in Letter kenny in Ireland Brother germane
& exe[cut]or dative decernit & confermit to umq[uhi]ll Patrick Ewing maltman burges of
Dumbartane In and to the soume of Twa hundreth merks monye prin[cipa]ll w[i]th twenty
four pundis monye of bygaine an[nual]rent at leist penaltie at leist an[nual]rent & penaltie
dew to the defunct Be Walter Watsoune in Dumbartane Conforme to his band q[uhi]lkis
soumes extending to jct Lvij lib vjsh viijd was ignorantlie omittit & left furth of the defuncts
prin[ci]pall confermit testament be his s[ai]d exe[cut]or (protesta[tio]une being grantit for
eiking as accordes) And now is of Lait tyme sen come to his knowledge w[i]th power to him
to intromet th[air]w[i]th and if neid beis to call & p[er]sew th[air]for Becaus he hes of new
againe made faithe as use is & fund ca[tio]une as law will as ane act made th[air]upone at
Lenth beirs In witnes q[uhai]rof thir p[rese]ntes ar sub[scrivi]t be Gilbert Marshall Co[m]
missar clerk of Glesgow the seall of office is heirto affixt att Glesgow the thrid day of Apryll
1667 yeiris

The q[uhi]lk day compeired p[er]sonallie Claud Colhoune maltman burges of Glesgow and
is become actit and obleist as cautioner & sovertie for Alexander Ewing in Letterkenny in
Irland brother german & exe[cut]or dative decernit & confermit to the deceist Patrick Ewing
maltman burges of Dunbartane that the guidis geir & debts given up & contenit in the eik
made to the defunctis prin[cipa]ll confermit testament sall be made furth cummand to all
p[air]ties haveand intres as Law will and the exe[cut]or is obleist for the Cautioners releiffe
Be th[i]s act sub[scrivi]t befor Jon Grahame Jon Reid not[ar] in Glesgow & W[illia]m Scot
wryters in Glesgow Sic sub[scrivit]ur Claud Colquhoune Alexr Ewing JGrahame witnes
JReid witnes WScot witnes


The signatures are not the original ones, but copies made by the clerk who inserted the eik into the register
See transcription of 1665 Testament