Clan Ewing: Testament of Archibald Ewing in Craigetoun, 1589

CC9/7/14 – Glasgow Commisssray Court Register of Testaments

(in margin – Ewing pa[rochin] Fintrie)

The testame[n]t testame[n]tar dative & inventor guidis geir of umq[uhi]ll Ar[chibal]d Ewing
in Craigetoun w[i]thin the parochin of Fintrie perteni[n]g to him the tyme of his deceis Quha
deceist in the mo[ne]th of August 1612 yeiris gevin upe be Ar[chibal]d Ewing his sone
exe[cuto]r dative de[cer]nit to his guidis & geir be decreit of the com[m]issar of Glasgow
upoun the secound day of September 1617


Item the defunct had perteni[n]g to him the tyme of his deceis being a[n]e hunderth yeiris of
Aidge na geir bot Intertineme[n]t be his sone In houssall w[i]th him self the space of xv yeiris
preceiding his deceis bot o[n]lie bot o[n]lie (sic) a[n]e lytle meir p[ri]ce th[air]of vij lib Item
a[n]e tydie kowe p[ri]ce th[air]of xij lib Item a[n]e forrow kowe p[ri]ce th[air]of x lib Item
a[n]e quoye p[ri]ce th[air]of iiij lib Item a[ne] stirk p[ri]ce th[air]of xl sh Ite[m] saxt heid
of scheipe p[ri]ce of the peice xxxiijsh iiijd Inde xl lib Item the abuilzeame[n]t of his bodie
estemit to iiij lib

Su[m]ma of the Inventor – xlix lib
To be dividit in twa p[air]tis
Deidis p[air]t is – xx iiij lib xs
(in margin – Quota xxiiij sh vjd)

I Mr W[illi]am Hay of Baro com[m]issar of Glasgow be the tenor heirof Ratifeis approvis &
confirmis this p[rese]nt testame[n]tar & Inventar in swa far as the samy[n]e is lealie & dewlie
maid & gevin upe be the said Ar[chibal]d exe[cuto]r dative foirsaid & nathing omittit furth
th[air]of nor sett w[i]thin the just availl th[air]in contenit and geivis & committis full power
& Intromissioun w[i]th the guidis & geir abo[n]ewrittin allan[er]lie to the said exe[cuto]r
dative w[i]th power to him to call & persew th[air]foir Becaus the upgevar hes maid faith as
use is And hes fund ca[u]tioun as law will as a[n]e act maid th[air]upoun upoun the secound
of October 1617 yeiris mair fullie proportis

The q[uhi]lk day in p[resen]s of the com[m]issar of Glasgow per[sonal]lie compeirit Jonn
Donaldsoun in Fintrie & become actit of his awin propir confessioun & consent as ca[u]
tioun[er] & sovertie for the said Ar[chibal]d Ewing exe[cuto]r dative confirmit to the said
umq[uhi]le Ar[chibal]d his father guidis and that his guidis & geir conteinit in his said
confirmit testame[n]t salbe furth cu[m]and to all p[air]teis heafand i[n]teres as law will and
the said Ar[chibal]d become actit to releif his ca[u]tion[er] of the haill premissis q[uhai]
rupoun ay[thir] of tha[m]e tuik actis


The clerk appears to have got a bit muddled at the beginning of this testament
Quoye – heifer
Stirk – steer