Clan Ewing: Testament of Johnne Ewing elder in Heiddykis of Kirkmichaell, 1610

CC9/7/6 – Glasgow Commissary Court Register of Testaments

(in margin – Ewing)

The testament dative and inventar of the guidis geir sowmes of money and dettis pertening
to umq[uhi]le Johnne Ewing elder in Heiddykis of Kirkmichaell within the parochin of
Dumbartane the tyme of his deceis quha deceist in the moneth of September upon the aucht
day th[ai]rof 1609 yeiris faithfully maid and gevin up be George, Allexander, Finlay and
Umphra Ewingis sones lauchtfull to the deid procreat betwix him and Kathrein Mcintyre his
spous Exe[cut]oris datives dewlie decernit to his guidis & geir be decreit of the co[m]missar
of Glasgow the xj day of December the said yeir as the samyn in the self mair fullie proportis


Item the said umq[uhi]le Johnne had all and sundrie the guidis geir sowmes of money and
dettis following of the availl and pryces eftir spe[cife]it pertening to him as his awin propir
guidis the tyme of his deceis viz the sawing of thrie bollis m[ui]rland corne estimat to the
third corne pryce of the boll w[i]th the fodder thrie pund Sum[m]a xxvij li Item the sawing
of thrie firlottis beir estimat to the ferd corne pryce of the boll w[i]th the fodder fyve lib
Sum[m]a xv li Item four tydie ky pryce of the peice o[ve]rheid xij li Sum[ma] xlviij li Item
four forrow ky pryce of the peice o[ve]rheid ten pund Inde fourtie pund Item ane auld forrow
kow pasturand upone the Landis of Nobilstoun pryce ten pund Item twa stottis of twa yeir
auld pryce of the peice sax pund Inde xij li Item aucht heid of scheip young and auld pryce of
the peice o[ve]rheid xxxiij sh iiijd Sum[m]a xiij li vjs viijd Item ane auld broun meir by the
heirzeld and airschep hors pryce ten pund Item sax ellis of reid & blak cullerit claith pryce of
the ell xl sh Inde twelf pund Item the insicht of the hous in utincillis & domicillis w[i]th the
abuilzementis of the defunctis bodie estimat to twentie twa pund

Sum[m]a of the inventar – ijct ix li vjs viijd

Dettis awand to the deid

Item thair was awand to the said umq[uhi]le Johnne the tyme of his deceis foirsaid the
sowmes of money underwr[itt]in be the persones eftirspecife]it viz Be Johnne Ewing in
Kirkmichaell for twa bollis beir ellevin pund vjs viijd Item be Johhne Malynie in Murroich
for ane ox bocht and ressavit be him saxtein pund Item be Patrik Porter in Corslet restand of
c[er]tane corne sylvir xvjs viijd Item be Johnne Wode of Geillistoun for ane boll beir v li vjs
viijd Item be James Elder in Tounend of Dumbartane of borrowit money and uther comptis
auchtein pundis Item be Thomas Cock in Sockoch and Jon Moresoun in Blairshalloch for ane
boll beir equallie betwix thame fyve pund vjs viijd Item awand be Robert Workman in
Strahachie at the heid of Halie Loch for malt and meill bocht and ressavit be him fra the
defunct fourtie sax pund xiijs iiijd Item be Andro Glen in Glen twa bollis beir q[uhi]lk he
sauld to the defunct and as yit undelyverit for the q[uhi]lk he ressavit ten pund xiijs iiijd Item
be Mathow Neilie in Kilmalie & thrid of Kirkmichaell for ane ox bocht and ressavit be him
fra the defunct saxtein pund mair be him of borrowit money xlvj sh viijd Item be Deame
Margaret Howstoun spous to Sir W[illia]m Stewart of Heildoun capitane of the castell of
Dumbartane and the said Sir Williame for his entres for twa bollis malt and ane multoun
bouk coft and ressavit be the said Deame Margaret fra the defunct pryce fyiftein pund sax sh
viijd Item be Umphra Reid in Ardoch for ane f[irlot] beir xxvjs viijd Item be Robert Sempill
of Clois of borrowit money conforme to his obligatioune xxxiij li vjs viijd Item be Robert

Greinill mariner in Dumbartane for ane boll malt sax pund xiijsh iiijd Item be Jonet Gibsoun
relict of umq[uhi]le Mathow Palmer for ane boll malt sevin pund Item be Robert Miller at the
Castelwall of Dumbartane for beir meill and borrowit sylvir xvj li Item be Thomas
McCalpein burges of the said burgh of borrowit money thrie li Item be James Fallusdaill
burges thair restand of half ane boll malt xv sh Item be Cristiane Bucha[n]nane spous to
Robert Stewart skipper thair restand of malt sylvir thrie pund Item be Allane Lyoun wricht
burges thair for ane boll meill fyve pund vjs vijd Item be the airis of umq[uhi[le Tobias
Smollat of Kirktoun conforme to his obligatioun fourtie sax pund Item be the said Finlay
Ewing sone to the defunct of byrun a[n]nelrentis restand awand be him ten pundis mo[n]ey

Sum[m]a of the dettis awand to the deid – ijct Lxxx li vs
Sum[m]a of the Inventar with the dettis – iiijct Lxxxix li xjs 8d
To be devydit in thrie pairtis
The deidis pairt is – jct Lxiij li iijs xd
The quot of the testament abonewr[itt]in be compositioun extendis to – vij li

I David Forsythe of Dykis co[m]missar of Glasgow constitute be the richt reverend Johnne
archbishop of Glasgow Eftir dew warning maid be edict oppinlie as effeirit Be the tennor
heirof Ratifeis approvis and confermis this p[rese]nt testament and Inventar insasfar as the
samyne is leillelie and trewlie gevin up nathing omittit furth of the samyne nor set within
the just availl and gevis and co[m]mittis full power & intromissioun with the guidis and geir
abonewr[itt]in to the saidis exe[cut]or datives abonespecifeit allanerlie w[i]th power to thame
to call & persew th[air]foir Because they have maid faith as use is and hes fund cautioun as
law will as ane act maid th[air]upone at lenth beiris At Glasgow the xxij day of Januar 1610

The q[uhi[k day in p[resen]s of the co[m]missar of Glasgow personallie compeirit Johnne
Menteith merchand burges of Glasgow as cau[tio]ner and sovertie for Allexander and
Finlay Ewingis twa of the exe[cuto]ris nominat to umq[uhi]le Johnne Ewing in Heiddykis
of Kirkmichaell that the guidis and geir contenit in the testament of the said umq[uhi]le
Johnne salbe furth cumand to all pairteis haveand entres as Law will and the saidis airis and
ex[ecuto]ris to become actit for thame thair airis and ex[ecuto]ris to warrand freith releif and
skaithles keip thair cau[tio]ner abonenamit of all coist skaith dampnage expensis & intres
th[a]t he or his foirsaidis sall happin to sustein or incur th[air]throw Quhairupone they askit
actis etc


Forrow ky – cow not in calf
Stot – a bullock
Airschep – heirship –best of certain movable that the heir was entitled to
Multoun bouk – mutton carcase
Obligation – Bond
Annelrentis – annual interest