Clan Ewing: Tartan Garments

This page is a guide for clansfolk ordering cloth or garments in Ewing tartan.

Currently, all garments are made in 13oz Medium Weight ‘Braeriach’ tartan fabric woven by Lochcarron of Scotland; the pattern repeats every 6¼ inches or slightly more.
All prices are listed in Pounds Sterling (GBP) – please check the current exchange rate to convert to other currencies.

You can order cloth or ready-made garments by email from After your order is received, you will receive a PayPal request from this address.
Garments are all individually made in Scotland, and can take several weeks to arrive.

Cloth @ £55/metre (£50/yard)
This is 13oz Medium Weight ‘Braeriach’ tartan fabric, woven by Lochcarron of Scotland.
NB because the cloth is woven to double width, the amount needed for an 8 yard kilt is usually equivalent to 4 yards (3.7m); please ask your kiltmaker before placing your order.


Kilt (8 yard full) @ £425
Kilt (5 yard casual) @ £285
Child’s Kilt (children’s sizes only, as set by manufacturer) @ £90-£105

Illustrations show garments in other tartans. Yours will be made in Ewing Tartan.

The important measurements for a kilt or skirt are waist, seat and length; height measurement is usually also given.

For more detail on how to measure, visit our size guide or see the original on this page:
Children’s kilts and kilted skirts are made with an elasticated waist and with extra length sewn into the waistband to allow for growth.

Other garments:

Neck Tie @ £20

Waistcoat @ £125

Waistcoats are made to your Chest measurement and can be Short Regular or Long.

Tam o’ Shanter @ £25

Plaids and sashes:

Fly Plaid @ £95

Mini-Fly @ £45

Lady’s Sash @ £45


Kilted Skirt @ £180

Mini Kilted Skirt @ £160

Hostess Skirt @ £235

Semi-Kilted Skirt @ £230

Laura Skirt @ £145

Fiona Skirt @ £180

Billie Skirt @ £105

Shawls and scarves

Shawl @ £95

Scarf @ £30

(Scarves are made in the same worsted tartan as other garments)