Clan Ewing: Strathleven House, 2016

2016 was the 450th anniversary of the first recorded grant of arms in the Ewing name, and we marked this with our first modern gathering on Scottish soil, at Strathleven House near Dumbarton, on Saturday 6th August.

Strathleven House

Strathleven House is the earliest surviving palladian mansion in Scotland and was once home to James Ewing of Strathleven (1775-1853); it remained in Ewing ownership until purchased by the Board of Trade in 1946. Ewing connections with Strathleven go back at least to the early 1600’s, when it was called Kirkmichael and was home to John Ewing in Heiddykkis of Kirkmichael.

In the course of the afternoon, we looked at Ewing history and swapped stories, and there was a talk by clan commander John Thor Ewing about his research into the clan’s past.

As our first UK gathering, this was a fairly low key event, but a great opportunity to meet fellow clansfolk. We had a very friendly and positive meeting, discussing the history of the clan and more recent family histories.

We also enjoyed a tour of the house, which once belonged to James Ewing of Strathleven (1775-1853), who gave the house its name. Before that, Strathleven had been Levenside and, earlier still, it had been Kirkmichael which, in the early years of the 1600’s, was home to both John Ewing, elder, and John Ewing, younger.